Lingerie’s FAQ

What is Best Way to Care for My Bra?

After spending the time and money to be fitted and searching for the perfect style, caring for your bra properly is important. Ideally, you should hand wash your bra to lengthen its life and remove all dirt from the bra fabric that accumulate during the day. If you prefer machine washing, wash bras on the delicate cycle and protect them with a lingerie wash bag.

Rotate among three or four of your best bras and wash each one after wear twice. This might seem like a lot of effort; however, if you invest time in caring for your bra and other intimate apparel, your collection will last much longer.

What is the demi cup Bra?

An alternative to a strapless bra is a Demi Bra. They are designed to give lift and provide full coverage support with less material for low-cut shirts and blouses. Demi Bras show off a considerable amount of cleavage. Look for demis in bright colors, sexy patterns and as part of bra and panty sets. Demi bra style can be purchased with or without straps. They are great if you are looking for an alternative to a plain strapless bra and the coordinating panty can have a devastatingly sexy effect.

What Can I Do To Have Plumper Looking Breasts?

Center your nipples above the apex point of your bra. Then, you’ll have a plumper top to your breast volume.

When Should I Wear Lace - When Should I Wear A Seamless?

For an open neckline, it's always fun to wear a bra with a little lace. After all, if that special someone is looking at the right angle and can see it, it's better to be revealing a little lacy edging. If you wear smooth knit sweaters, tight tops or fitted shirts, you will look your best wearing a seamless bra.

What Is The Most Common Mistake Women Make When Trying To Find Their Correct Bra Size?

Most women walking around in the wrong bra size are wearing a bra with too big a band size and too small a cup size. So, a good starting point is to go down a band size and up 2 cup sizes and see how that size feels. For example, if you are wearing a 40C go to a 38DD (or 38F), You go up 2 cup sizes because when you go down a band size, the same cup size will actually be smaller as well.

Why does my bra crease at the top?

Your cup size is too large. Try to decrease your cup size by one (e.g. from D to C, from B to A, etc).

How can I prevent my breasts from spilling out of the top of my bra and under my arms?

Your cup size is too small or cut too low for the size and/or shape of your breasts. Increase your cup size from A to B, C to D, D to DD, etc. You may also want to try a bra with a fuller cup to give you better coverage and support. If your bra leaves red marks around your back as well, your back size may also be too small for you.

Why are my straps falling off my shoulders?

First, adjust the straps to make them tighter. Your straps are properly adjusted when you can comfortably slide a finger between the strap and your shoulder, without feeling too much pressure. You can also try wearing racer-back style bras, or convert any bra into a racer-back or criss-cross with a Hide-A-Strap bra accessory

How come my bra band rides up in back, even when I adjust it at the tightest hooks?

When you first purchase a bra, you should be able to hook it on the loosest hooks and feel supported, without any ride-up or bulging in back or at the sides. As you wash and wear your bra, the elasticity of the fabric tends to diminish, so purchasing a bra you can hook at the loosest hooks means you can extend your bra's shelf life (because you can gradually adjust your bra more tightly over time if necessary).

My shoulder straps are digging in and cause discomfort, leaving red marks when I take off my bra. Is this normal?

You're not supposed to feel any pain or discomfort when you wear a properly fitting bra. The under band and shape of the cup provide much of the bra's support, so if you find yourself tightening your straps too much just to feel supported, chances are you are either wearing the wrong size (e.g. your back band may not be tight enough, or your cup may be too big), or your bra style doesn't offer adequate support for you. Try a full support bra, preferably one with wider "comfort" straps, or try comfortable and reusable silicone shoulder cushions on any bra for no-slip comfort that helps evenly distribute the weight of your breasts to minimize pain and make red marks from your straps disappear.

I am small-breasted and I have a difficult time finding a comfortable bra that makes my bustline look fuller, but still natural-looking. Help!

Try a lightly padded bra with a good stretch, or a flattering bra shape like a demi-cup (half coverage) or balconette style (three-quarter coverage). Many petite bras can have a lightweight padding that can give you a bit of extra volume (very nice for your lower-cut tops and dresses) but won't look or feel unnatural. You could also try slipping fabric or silicone bra pads into your bra for a customizable fuller look you can enjoy in any of your bras.

How do I know if my bra is fitting correctly?

The mid-centre of your bra and sides should lie smoothly without cutting into the flesh. The cups should also fit smoothly without significant wrinkling. If there is too much wrinkling in both cups, try a smaller cup size. If you are spilling out of the top or bottom of the cup, choose a larger cup size. Your breasts should fill the cups without overflowing. We all have the challenges of not totally perfect, evenly matched breasts. Fit the larger side…that’s just the way it is. It works!

I have very small breasts and I don’t think I need to wear a bra.

Always wear a bra. Gravity affects even smaller breasts. Good bras give our breasts and our muscles support. Breasts are appendages from our body. They have a weight regardless of size. Support is good. A side benefit is that a bra will assist in preventing our breasts from spreading wider, creating more space between them. And of course, last but not least…our street clothes are designed with breasts and fit in mind so the right-fitting bra can make all the difference to your look.

What's the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra?

A sports bra is a bra that provides additional support to female breasts during physical exercise. Sturdier than typical bras, they minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments.

What's The Difference Between A Demi And A Push-up Bra?

A demi bra lifts and enhances your bust line for a natural look that is comfortable to wear every day. A push-up bra is made with demi cups and padding at the bottom and sides of the cup. This padding pushes the breasts up and inward to give more fullness and cleavage. Because the look is more dramatic (and revealing).

My underwire bras always poke me. How come? –

As a bra gets larger in the band size, the distance between the cups also increases. Underwire is placed in a bra according to accurate measurements. If you experience poking, your bra is probably the wrong band size. It is important that you measure for your band size and then not deviate from it when purchasing bras.

Why is the bottom of my breasts often red or bruised? –

When the band of your bra is not up against the ribcage, but rather resting on the under-breast tissue, redness and bruising can occur. The problem is that the band size of your bra is too big (e.g. you're wearing a size 42 instead of a size 40). Your breasts are falling out from the bottom of your bra and your bra straps are being asked to bear too much of the weight and support. Not only are you uncomfortable, but your bust line is not getting proper support. Try a bra with a smaller band size and a larger cup size (e.g. try a 42D if you were wearing a 44C).

How do I prevent my panties from riding up?

If this is a constant problem, you are probably in the wrong size. Measure yourself using the steps on our Panty Fitting page and you will probably find that you need to go up a size. However, if the size is correct, your panties may have lost their shape and need to be replaced.

How often should I replace my panties?

That is a very individual question because it depends on how many panties you have and how you wash them. In general, if you are constantly fighting panty ride up, the elastic is stretched out, the fabric is yellowed or fraying, or you would frankly be embarrassed if anyone saw you wearing them, they need to be replaced.

The elastic in my panty legs is too binding. What's going on?

Your panty size may be too small, or there is not enough allowance for your legs. Consider going up a size, trying the same style or choosing a hi-cut leg style.

How do I eliminate panty lines? -

Wearing a thong or a g-string will eliminate panty lines in the back. However, if you find those uncomfortable, consider wearing a slip or pantliner between your panty and garment. If this doesn't work, consider a long-leg style shapewear brief.

What's the difference between a thong and a g-string? -

A g-string, as the name implies, has a string in the back of the panty instead of a fabric panel. A thong has a little more fabric and usually comes to a "Y" at the waistband. Both serve the same purpose of cutting down on visible panty lines. Each style has its ardent fans -- your best bet is to try each and decide which one feels more comfortable to you.

Who is wearing thongs?

Not long ago, thongs were just a novelty panty style. Well, today thongs are the fastest-growing segment in intimate apparel. The funny thing about the thong style is that women either swear by them or despise them. If you're thinking about giving them a try, here is some advice from the thong throngs. Most women don't like a "string" in back. They like thongs cut with a more generous back (around 1 inch). Every woman has that initial "wedgie" feeling when she first tries to wear one. However, thong fans claims that, if you give it a chance, the feeling goes away and the thong feels very comfortable. Most thong wearers do not wear them all the time- only under particular clothes like pants or tight dresses or skirts. And finally, women of all shapes and sizes wear thongs. It is not the exclusive right of the thin and tall. So be adventurous -- go out and buy one and give it a try.